Beautiful. Inspiring. Under threat.

Over half of the world's penguin species are sliding towards extinction.

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The charismatic African Penguin is found nowhere else on Earth other than the western tip of sunny Africa. Once numbering in the millions, today just 50,000 of these unique penguins remain. Their drastic decline continues.


Why are African Penguins under threat?

Globally, penguins are under threat. Habitat loss, oil spills, mortalities caused by fishing nets, and climate change all play a part. In South Africa, the greatest threats to the African Penguin are a lack of safe breeding grounds and difficulty in finding enough nutritious food.

So how can you help?

You can help BirdLife create a new colony providing African Penguins with a safe habitat in rich foraging grounds. You can also help by supporting work to formally protect important foraging grounds to ensure food availability. By supporting our projects, you can help give African Penguins a new home.

Photo credit

Main image credit: African Penguin: Ferkel/Flickr

King Penguin images: Tony Martin, Anne Dirkse/Flickr

Humboldt Penguin images: Simón Gatica, Silvia Pascual

African Penguin images: Adri Meyer, Ross Wanless, Jennifer Roberts

Southern Rockhopper Penguin images: Bobo Ling, Giedrius Stakauskas

Yellow-Eyed Penguin images: Craig McKenzie

(Other images are from Shutterstock)