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Humans are killing penguins. Directly and indirectly. Penguins die in fishing nets, and in oil spills. They die when their food supply disappears. They die when their homes and habitat are destroyed. They die as the climate changes.


Why are Southern Rockhopper Penguins under threat?

The Southern Rockhopper Penguin breeds on a number of islands in the South Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. In the Falkland Islands, the population fell by around 20% between 1932 and 2000. Global threats include disease, habitat destruction, disrupted food sources due to sea temperature changes and climate change.

So how can you help?

Work to protect these penguins is multi-faceted, including reducing the impact of tourism, monitoring isolated colonies with remote cameras, education and outreach to promote conservation, and research into disease outbreaks.

Photo credit

Main image credit: Southern Rockhopper: Matías Romano - @MatiasRomanoPhotography

King Penguin images: Tony Martin, Anne Dirkse/Flickr

Humboldt Penguin images: Simón Gatica, Silvia Pascual

African Penguin images: Adri Meyer, Ross Wanless, Jennifer Roberts

Southern Rockhopper Penguin images: Bobo Ling, Giedrius Stakauskas

Yellow-Eyed Penguin images: Craig McKenzie

(Other images are from Shutterstock)