Beautiful. Inspiring. Under threat.

Over half of the world's penguin species are sliding towards extinction.

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Why are penguins dying?

Human activities are harming penguins, directly and indirectly. At sea, penguins are drowning in fishing nets, and are smothered by oil spills. Penguins’ daily marathons to find dinner are becoming increasingly desperate as fish vanish from the oceans. On land, penguins are killed as their homes and habitats are destroyed or invaded. And they are dying as the climate changes.


How urgent is the situation?

Despite being loved universally, not many people know that over half of the world’s penguins are threatened with extinction. Urgent action is needed to protect them - and the thing that can make a difference is you.

How can you help?

With your support, we will create new homes, work with fishermen to stop accidental penguin deaths, lobby governments to create Marine Protected Areas for safe feeding, and protect penguin chicks on land. We also need urgent research to better conserve penguins.

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Photo credit

Main image credit: King Penguin: Matías Romano - @MatiasRomanoPhotography

King Penguin images: Tony Martin, Anne Dirkse/Flickr

Humboldt Penguin images: Simón Gatica, Silvia Pascual

African Penguin images: Adri Meyer, Ross Wanless, Jennifer Roberts

Southern Rockhopper Penguin images: Bobo Ling, Giedrius Stakauskas

Yellow-Eyed Penguin images: Craig McKenzie

(Other images are from Shutterstock)